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About Us

How we got started

After many years spent watching and coaching youth football and suffering the frustration of lace failure one too many times, in conversation with parents and other coaches, it became very apparent we all shared this frustration!  

The solution had been staring us in the face however for a week or so before the lightbulb went on, An 8 year old boy, with a rubber band he placed over his boot to stop his laces coming undone, had unwittingly handed us an idea.  The concept was born on a cold winter's night in October 2016!

We put a prototype through stringent testing after a great deal of research and in May 2017 launched our bands to the world at large.  It is the most simple of concepts and more to the point the bands work.  This led to our strap-line #dontstopthegame which speaks for itself and allows for focus, more drills and more time on the ball

In July 2020 we learnt that our product had achieved Patent! 

Laceeze is based in Dorset UK and our goods are dispatched 6 days per week from Poole BH12 3LP

Laceeze Regd. TM No. 3302571

Laceeze Patent GB 2560985 A 

Defiance Regd. TM No. 3765481